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For creation, what type of Body does God need?

All around us, we see intelligent evolution of the Universe. So I am of the view that this must be idea of some intelligent creator who is unfolding the Universe and life around us (including ourselves). But to create something, the creator or God must have a body pre-created before creation. We will try to elaborate this issue in this article.

Thoughts about body of God.....

In this article I am not going into debate of Universe out of creation or out of accident, I will cover that topic in some other article. In this article I am assuming that Universe or life is not an accident but an intelligent creation or intelligent evolution.
When we say that life is creation we assume that there is a creator who created life or the world we are living in, we may call that creator as God, but in this article I am not referring to any concept of God of any particular religion, I am talking about God as reality not any concept.
So, when this Universe or the creation of God was not there, what was the condition of God Himself/Herself/Itself? This question is important because atheists use this argument to prove that there is not possibility of any God or Creator of this world. Atheists say that before manifestation of form, how God existed because form is necessary for creating anything, for example we need our hands to create something, without hands and body we cannot create anything. Similarly God had no form before creation or manifestation of forms then this world cannot be created by him due to unavailability of tools or body. On the other hand if we say that God had a form before manifestation of all forms then this statement is self-contradictory and creates unwanted situation of endless arguments, who created the form of God? Because that form of God would also need a creator.

How to solve this problem?

We have seen the major issues about the form of God or Body of God before creation, now we look at the solution of this problem. In the first place we have to understand that God does not have any form before creation or even after creation. Because creation or world is ephemeral, and God is Eternal. God is not bound by birth and death so for Him/Her/It, there is no question of having a body which is ephemeral like world. Formlessness is the essential nature of God, so even when there is creation God does not have any form.
Then question arises how could God create the world without a body, answer is simple and well-known to us. As we create dream without any tool similarly God creates world, just by imagination. World is like dream or imagination for God, it does not have same eternal status as God has. World shares so many similarities with dream, dream and world both are three dimensional, both have beginning and end etc.

Hence the conclusion.......

Hence we come to conclusion that God has no form, while there is Universe or before Universe. God is formless consciousness similar to us and creates the world same way we create the dream.
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