Thursday, 14 September 2017

Concept of Ignorance in Non-Duality

The topic of ignorance is highly misunderstood by many people, they think that there is something tangible called ignorance which veils the experience of pure Consciousness and therefore we get trapped in Maya. We will look into this subject in detail. In Sanskrit language they call ignorance as "Avidya", which means something which does not exists. By the very word Avidya, it is suggested that there is nothing tangible or substantial which is veiling the Consciousness, but still we are caught in Maya and forget our real nature as infinite space. So then what is the real concept of ignorance in Non-Duality?

As I mentioned in other articles that rather than looking at Non-duality through any conceptual understanding we should look at it only through experience. What our day to day experience suggest in the matter of ignorance is, to have the experience of world we wake up from sleep. In sleep there is peace, but to experience the world we IGNORE that peace and wake up. This act of "ignoring" is called as Ignorance in Non-duality. We not only ignore the peace but also ignore the space like nature of Consciousness and rise as a limited subject who experiences other objects in the world, and that subject eventually gets lost in the world or Maya.

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