Thursday, 14 September 2017

Concept of Time & Space in Non-duality

Non-duality looks at space time as a relative reality based on the state of Consciousness. As I discussed before everything is judged on the experience itself, so time and space also judged on the experience. The time and space we experience in waking state is different than the time and space of dreaming state. In deep sleep there is no space time at all. So space time is considered as maya in non-duality, a changing reality.

We feel that we are experiencing same space time in waking state so it must be real, but non-duality looks at our waking state as the dream of the Universe. In that sense Universe or God never has any waking state, it has only two states dreaming and deep sleep. In the Non-duality chart waking state of the Universe is mentioned as a concession to understanding of people which does not realize the dreaming state on Universal level.

So, according to non-duality space time is considered as a dream in broad sense. 

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