Wednesday, 13 September 2017

God - Illusion or Reality?

How to decide?

In day to day life we come across situations when we find it puzzling that whether there is any God or not? We usually see just and unjust incidents happening all around and cannot explain the reason behind them, in this article we will try to solve this puzzle.

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God Illusion

The first camp who says God is an illusion, gives reason that how can God, the one who is compassionate-loving and immortal, create the cruel and selfish world we see today. And if we want to use God as an excuse to our ignorance about the world then today we humans have found reasons behind all natural events that take place around us. We have dissected matter to the sub atomic level. We have dissected human body and all other living creatures' bodies to basic level of DNA. We have discovered the neural networks which are responsible for human behavior. So there is no need to imagine any God who creates the world and controls us.
And there is another problem, if we say there is someone like God who has created this world then question arises why has He created the world the way it is today. The violence, exploitation, injustice, accidents etc. are sufficient to show that world itself is a chaos and not created by anyone intelligent or if it is created then the creator must be cruel like devil and not a compassionate God.

God is reality

This is second camp which says that God is real, not an illusion or an idea to fulfill the gaps in knowledge. This camp says that given the complexity and order in the world we must accept that there is some intelligent creator behind it who has created this world. This camp gives many reasons for the suffering in the world, like the sin or karma or ignorance etc. They say that there is suffering in the world but it is not part of the original world which God created, suffering is the part of human world. If we look at the suffering of other animals than humans then that is because of their karma.

My take on these two opinions

We have seen above that how there are two world views which argue in favor and against God with good logic. My personal opinion about these two camps is that they both are misunderstanding the reality, they are looking at objective world and coming to their conclusions, they are neglecting the very subject who is experiencing the world. They are neglecting the Consciousness, which we all are, and without understanding the essential nature of Consciousness they are coming to conclusions. So first we should look at our own reality then we can try to understand the reality of the entire Universe. I will soon try to throw some light on our own subjective nature in another article, stay connected and keep visiting my website for more on this topic.
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