Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Unreal Reality

Though Unreal.....appears Real

Maya, the ephemeral nature of things & the creative power of the Universe, is unreal but at the same time appears damn Real.

The experience of the word, is it Real?
Everyday, I wake up in the morning, accomplish my routine, go to job, eat, drink and do much more. In the night again I fall asleep, again next morning the same schedule is repeated, may be with some variation.
But wait a minute, is this the only experience I have? No, when I sleep in the waking world, I wake up in the dream world. I do some activity there and after some time the dream world also disappears.
In these two worlds, dream and waking, I do not have any awareness of time, that period is deep sleep, when "I" do not experience anything, to say more precisely, there is experience of no-experience.

Which world is Real?

As mentioned in paragraph above, "I", the experiencing agent, keep moving in different worlds all the time. But which worlds, is REAL? Waking world or Dream world? Or nothing?
To answer this question, first we have to define, what the word "Real" means. For the purpose in this article, I am suggesting a definition, Real means something which exists beyond any doubt, without need of anyone else to approve its existence. So, if we take this definition of Real, then none of the two, waking or dreaming world is real, because they both need "I", the Consciousness, to conform their existence, without Consciousness, their existence cannot be conformed, so there is doubt about them.
But, at the same time we all continuously experience both of them, so there must be some reality in them.

Who is assigning reality?

When I say, there must be some reality in waking and dreaming worlds, I mean there is a common element in both of them which exist beyond any doubt, which does not need another agency to conform it's existence. That element is, Consciousness. Consciousness is the reality which gives authenticity to experience. Because of the presence of Consciousness, experience feels real.
Here we have to be aware that the Consciousness which I mentioned above, in it's pure form does not experience any of these worlds, the subject who experiences the waking, dreaming and deep sleep state is also part of the corresponding state. So, the subject is also unreal on it's own. For example, right now I am typing on keyboard, the one who is doing the work of typing and experiencing the world around, is body-mind, the experience of the world is happening with the body-mind, which is also a part o this waking world.
Similarly the subject in the dream world and the subject who experiences the absence of experience in deep sleep, both are also parts of that respective reality (unreality).
But, all of these three subjects of three different worlds carry a common thread in them, that thread is the pure Consciousness which shifts it's gears from one subject to another.
Hence, the experience of waking world, dreaming world and non-experience, all three are called as Maya. They are all unreal on their own, but they are real because of the presence of Consciousness in all of them.
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