Monday, 4 December 2017

Spiritual Tinnitus

What is Spiritual Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a ringing sound which many people hear, there are some physiological reasons behind it and also some spiritual, in this article we will look at both but my emphasize will be on spiritual, so I gave this article the title "Spiritual Tinnitus".

Bell Ringing, all the time.....
Tinnitus is difficult to handle because it is something which can make us irritated without much trouble and it is difficult to treat also. There are many physiological reasons behind it, like some problems in ear or high blood pressure etc. Treating these underlying health conditions can benefit to tinnitus patients. But at the same time there is another type of tinnitus which is not caused by any known health condition. That I call Spiritual Tinnitus.

Spiritual Tinnitus....what is it?

Spiritual word comes from Spirit, something about spirit or Consciousness is spiritual. In the same way tinnitus which is caused by certain state of Consciousness or awareness is Spiritual Tinnitus. And most importantly it is not at all troubling, rather it is very soothing and peaceful silent sound which makes us more relaxed.

What causes Spiritual Tinnitus?

Basically this sound is with us from the time we are born, but as we grow up we become more and more extrovert, more interested in mundane things and we lose our ability to get connected with this sound.
Going forward as our lives become more and more mature, we again start resting and become introvert, more centered, a kind of meditativeness comes to us. With this meditative awareness our outgoing energies settle down and we start experiencing that energy in various ways, one of it is ringing in the ear......

How to differentiate between physiological and spiritual tinnitus?

As mentioned before spiritual tinnitus is caused by resting energy, so there are other signs of that energy also. With ringing in the ear there also comes heightened awareness of surroundings, heightened awareness of feelings, tingling sensations on palms of hands or at crown of the head. All these signs with tinnitus suggest that we are settling down in our own energy, or we are becoming more meditative. I know all this with my own experience. When I started hearing the ringing sound I was puzzled, I consulted doctors but there was not any physiological problem with me, and I experience all other factors which I mentioned above.
So, anyone who has tinnitus should see whether that sound is causing any anxiety or that sound is irritating. If so then one should consult doctor. But if that sound brings rest, a sense of peaceful presence then there is no need to worry, it is Spiritual Tinnitus.


  1. A study that came out last week in the August 2014 issue of the American Journal of Medicine evaluated the effect of caffeine intake on the risk of tinnitus health

    1. here we are talking about the sound which arises in meditation, I have used word tinnitus for that sound just because it is easy to understand otherwise the sound I mentioned is not a disease. Thank you for your comment and info :)